DSD Paintings specializes in custom abstract art and home interior design for any occasion. We strive to provide a unique experience with all DSD clients. What's different about DSD is that clients are allowed to take part in the creative process. From the beginning, the client is able to assist with picking the desired colors, size, layout, and medium of the painting; choose the colors (any color!) and finish of your epoxy floor, countertops, tables, and other in-home decor; and enjoy the art we love to create.


DSD Epoxy Flooring offers a highly durable, crack-proof, easy-to-clean, custom marble-like masterpiece on your floor. Unlike a standard contractor, DSD Flooring is Art. Unlike with marble where you have limited options, as with all DSD art, the client can choose his or her desired colors and finish, making this a one-of-a-kind product. Finish options include Standard Shine, Extra Shine, and Matte. Extra options include glitter, as well as image print incorporation.


Derwin Scott is the Founder, CEO, and Artist of DSD Paintings. Born in Baltimore, MD, Derwin’s journey to creating art began in 2016, when he decided to create 'something different' for his own home and realized the potential of his hidden gift. What many don’t know about Derwin is that he came from a background in music and expressing his life’s challenges through his work. Years later, he began expressing those same struggles through one of his first painting collections, “The Road to Success”, followed by his custom flooring. Derwin is a regular guy with a huge passion and drive for providing something different to the clients who appreciate him “Doing Something Different”. His goal is to provide the best life for his beautiful children and influence others to go after what they believe in.



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